Manny Bernardo
Founder/ Teacher
5403 Nibud Ct.
Rockville, MD 20852





Lessons are offered five days week, Monday through Thursday, plus Saturdays. Weekday lessons begin at 3pm and run until 9pm, with hour and half hour slots distributed throughout. Saturday classes run from 9am-5pm.

(For those with non-traditional work or school schedules, daytime weekday lessons are also available.)

A handout will be given to each student on their first day detailing our rescheduling and cancellation policy.



Because we are a private home studio, owned and run by a single teacher, we can offer very competitive pricing.

Most lessons are given in weekly, one hour sessions. The first lesson is always free. After that the hourly rate is $50, but dues are paid for in four lesson “blocks,” so at the start of each four week session there is a charge of $200.

Exceptions are children 12 and under, for whom half hour sessions are generally ideal. Half hour sessions are $30 each, or $120 per payment period.

Discounted lessons are offered weekdays at the 3pm and 4pm time slots. Lessons at those times will be charged at $45 per hour, or $180 per 4 week session.

In some circumstances a bi-weekly lesson might be considered. Please call for more information.