Manny Bernardo
Founder/ Teacher
5403 Nibud Ct.
Rockville, MD 20852




Of all the things that make Middleway unique, perhaps none is more exceptional than the Concert Recital.  An all pro backing band. An esteemed local venue. Full production concert DVD’s. Huge audiences. Memorable show posters. Post-concert recording sessions at a famed DC studio—it’s all there, and it’s awesome.

Forget everything you remember about recitals. We put the concert first. This is not kids playing with other kids and making the adults smile or yawn. This is a pro rhythm section, your multi-instrumentalist teacher, other talented, mature students on keys or guitar or vocals, a killer sound system and stage, a hundred eager fans, and you.

The Concert Recital has become a mainstay of the Middleway calendar, occurring twice a year (Spring and Fall). Each student chooses one song of their own and then collaborates with others for a total of two to four songs. The goal at every step of the process is to replicate as closely as possible a genuine concert experience, and while participation is voluntary, it is an opportunity that few students can pass up.

Over the years these productions—and the marathon rehearsals that precede them—have come to feel like company parties or family outings: they’re the time that we all get to know each other, to share our stories and talents, and to make music on the highest level we possibly can.

Did I mention that it’s also really fun?