Manny Bernardo
Founder/ Teacher
5403 Nibud Ct.
Rockville, MD 20852




Nothing speaks louder than the positive feedback of my students. This what some had to say:

“Learning guitar from Manny has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.  It was a dream and goal to learn the guitar after a lifetime of thinking about it.  From the first lesson I was hooked and it continues to be one of the most important things I do.  The relaxed and fun style of the lessons is the perfect environment for learning and the concert recitals are fun, exciting and amazingly rewarding experiences.  Manny’s knowledge of music is unsurpassed.  He does not force you to learn things you are not interested in and his desire is to make you the musician that you want to be.  Learning music from Manny is easy, fun, and highly rewarding.  You won't be disappointed!”
(Elliot Kuck, age 32, 2 ½ years at Middleway)

"I have made far more progress in the three years of taking lessons with Manny than I did in the 20 years of playing around on the guitar prior to that.... and I have had a lot of fun in the process!  Manny is not only extremely talented as a musician, but he is an amazing teacher as well.  He is a great motivator and is also very patient with his students.  He adapts his teaching extremely well to his students' musical interests and skill levels.  I would recommend Manny to anyone who is looking to improve as a musician."
(Aaron Chidakel, age 41, 3 ½ years at Middleway)

“Manny is an extremely knowledgeable instructor.  Even as a beginner, you will be learning and playing songs you've always dreamed of playing within the first month!  He's a great motivator and everything you'd ever want in a teacher.”
(D.L. Crandall, 1 ½ years at Middleway)

“I’m 34 years old and have been studying guitar with Manny for almost two years.  I have benefitted tremendously from my time with him and plan to continue lessons for a long time to come.  Because of his extensive professionalism and versatility, he is able to effectively teach students from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.  Whether you are a hard-core student of music and want to be challenged with a formal and progressive curriculum, or you’re looking for a more casual, fun but still very rewarding experience, Manny can deliver.”
(Matt Brown, age 34, 2 years at Middleway)

“Manny is completely dedicated to the musical growth of each of his students. He is one of those rare talents that knows how to teach to any skill level or musical style. He's patient, thoughtful and easy to work with. And the bi-annual recitals at music clubs around the area are a thrill each time, and pulled together with professionalism and enthusiasm. Take lessons with Manny and you won’t be disappointed!”
(Nick Conger, age 32, 5 years at Middleway)